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Editorial Series for the Libya Herald

Ms. Toler has published a series of 17 articles for the Libya Herald, 16 of which have been translated into Arabic and have been distributed to all 200 Libyan General National Congress members.

"Anticipating Sovereignty Power Plays: who will exercise it for Libya?"


Libya Herald (5 August, 2013)

"Defining Libya's Constitutional Timeline (Part III)"


Libya Herald (31 March, 2013)

"15 February unrest points to importance of Constitutional Process Design (Part I)"


Libya Herald (14 February, 2013)

"GNC decides on elections, Adrian Pelt would be pleased"


Libya Herald (6 February, 2013)

"Libya Primed for Constitutional Success"


Libya Herald (30 December, 2012)

"The Libyan public's role in drafting the Constitution: Part I"


Libya Herald (23 November, 2012)

"The change in prime minister: constitutionally, the system worked perfectly"


Libya Herald (22 October, 2012)

"Supreme Court ruling may provide opportunity for intelligent design of Libya's constitution process (Part 2)"


Libya Herald (14 March, 2013)

"Members of Electoral Committe approved"


Libya Herald (13 February, 2013)

"Join or Die: Part I"


Libya Herald (2 February, 2013)

"The Libyan public's role in drafting the Constitution: Part III"


Libya Herald (7 December, 2012)

"Should Libya choose the Parliamentary or Presidental model of government? Lessons from other states"


Libya Herald (12 November, 2012)

"Libya's shortened constitutional timeline and why it should be extended"


Libya Herald (9 October, 2012)

"Join or Die: Part II"


Libya Herald (2 March, 2013)

"HNEC Being Re-Organized for Constitution Committee Elections"


Libya Herald (11 February, 2013)

"Making use of the people's voice in Libya's constitution"


Libya Herald (27 January, 2013)

"The Libyan public's role in drafting the Constitution: Part II"


Libya Herald (30 November, 2012)

"Separation of Powers and the General National Congress"


Libya Herald (2 November, 2012)

"Selection or Election for the Constituent Assembly"


Written with Tobias Peyerl, Libya Herald (11 August, 2012)

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